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Selective information

Select valuable and concise information that helps viewers feel useful.


Graphics with subtle colors, visual uniformity throughout.

Video Infographics

Information and graphic are transformed into vivid and attractive video and audio.

Power of Video infographics

We have many ways to transmit and exchange information-from spoken language to written language and images. However, if you don’t like these methods and would prefer to quickly and attractively express your content through our innovative method, then think about Video Infographic – an excellent method to transmit information about your business and products.

Video Infographic uses images, graphic design, video, animation, audio, comments and special effects to express content. Video infographic is a creative and beautiful way to catch and retain your audience’s attention.

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2D Infographic Video Production

These videos use flat shapes and characters with simple 2d animated transitions. These are best suited for brand awareness and communication to keep the cost down for the production. This is one of the most popular choices for animated explainer videos. It’s with these characters that we can showcase your customer’s potential experience.
A great option for all kinds of projects — finance, medical, startup, IT, presentation videos, sales videos, and expo videos.

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Isometric Motion Graphics

These motion graphics videos give you a feel of 3D visually without the visual actually being modeled and rendered in 3D.

Did you ever draw those 3D cubes in school when you were bored? That’s essentially what this is. It makes the visuals pop and gives the graphics depth.

This technique looks great and they need special skills sets to be produced yet it saves time and money for all parties involved compared to working in full 3D.

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Video infographics production cost?

We are the pioneer and the only manufacturer detailing the cost of producing video infographics to every frame and every second of the sound effects to ensure the online production process and optimize the cost, thus ensuring the interests of customers. On average, each frame will produce 5s of video. With video infographics 90s is needed to design 18 frames. From start to finish, each one of these frames will be applied with a vivid animation script that combines into a unified video infographics Take a look at our production process.